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Threat assessment is intended to prevent violence and involves both assessment and intervention. A school threat assessment is conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of trained professionals, including a school mental health professional, administrators and school resource officer or local law enforcement.

CCS professionals have years of experience in working with schools to address issues such as, mental health awareness, safety, and bullying. CCS has worked with schools in refining policies and procedures as well as performing individual assessment of targeted students. Training on various topics such as childhood development, mental health issues, parenting, and managing ADHD in the classroom have been delivered at various school districts throughout the metro Chicago area to different groups of students, parents and school staff.

What you can take away:

• Benefit 1: Solve academic barriers

Benefit 2: Screen and identify learning disabilities

• Benefit 3: Identify and advocate for educational accommodations

Benefit 4: Independent educational assessments