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Here at CCS, our aim is to guide our patients through every step of attaining their full potential. Often the first step of this goals is to complete a psychiatric evaluation, or psychological screening. This is an interview that is held with one of our providers specializing in psychiatry, and opens a discussion about any physical, social, emotional, or chemical factors that may be affecting wellness of daily life. No matter what the concern or difficulty may be, our providers work hard to understand your personal emotional and social factors, such as: attitude, work, school, family, habits and spiritual beliefs, to provide the best treatment.

To create a more comprehensive service, CCS offers interview sessions with guardians, family members, partners or loved ones where permission is granted by the patient, to create a holistic evaluation and assessment. CCS also works easily by communicating with and requesting records if needed from other treating physicians, schools, employers, etc.

Our providers work to guide each patient in every step of the process. Through identification of stressors, anxieties, or illnesses; to treatment and maintenance. Our psychiatrists understand all the different parts that go into a treatment plan, whether that be lifestyle changes, coping mechanisms, or medications. CCS works to empower the patient to make decisions about the treatment, with the goals of attaining each individual’s expression of  wellbeing.

What you can take away:

• Benefit 1: Gain understanding on your emotional or behavioral problems

• Benefit 2: Learn what to do about your problems and how to correct them

• Benefit 3: Gain personal growth and fulfillment

• Benefit 4: Improve ones sense of meaning and purpose in life