When a friend or family member develops a mental health condition, it’s important to know that you’re not alone.


Therapy is intended to develop strategies and methods to manage emotions and feelings that are usually out of a person’s control. Common goals of therapy can be to inspire change or improve quality of life. 


Therapy typically incorporates both training in basic communication skills for couples and problem solving skills as a strategy for minimizing conflict and increasing positive interactions.

We love to provide insight and support to lessen the stress in people’s lives. We’re here to give people POWERFUL THINKING AND POSITIVE CHANGE.

“Can anyone get to the Olympics without a coach?

– Dr. Daniel Martinez

Daniel B. Martinez, MD
Daniel B. Martinez, M.D. is Board Certified in adult and child psychiatry. He has also been certified by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.
Craig Kestenberg, DO
Dr. Kestenberg has enjoyed treating people of all ages and walks of life with their psychiatric issues since 2001. He is board certified in both general psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry through the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.
Aamir Safdar, MD
Dr. Aamir Safdar is a qualified Adult as well as Child and Adolescent psychiatrist. He completed his residency in adult psychiatry at the Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA … read more.
Samina Khattak, MD
Dr. Samina Khattak is a licensed physician, Board Certified in General Psychiatry. She has had experience working with all populations ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics,
Maria Valdez, LCPC
Maria Valdez is a bilingual/bicultural (Spanish) Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Her background includes treating clients of all ages that have mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, addictions, and family systemic difficulties.
Amy Sparacino, LCPC
Amy B. Sparacino is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) who obtained her Master's Degree in Community Counseling in Loyola University Chicago.
Dennis Keppeler, LCSW
Dennis L. Keppeler is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who obtained his Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago. Dennis has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in a variety of settings.
Ed Buck, LCSW
Mr. Ed Buck has been in practice for 32 years. He began work with CCS three years ago. MHis role at CCS includes working with individuals, families and couples providing psychotherapeutic intervention.

A psychiatric evaluation, or psychological screening, is the process of gathering information about a person within a psychiatric service, with the purpose of making a diagnosis. The assessment is usually the first stage of a treatment process, but psychiatric assessments may also be used for various legal purposes. Read more.


Threat assessment is intended to prevent violence and involves both assessment and intervention. A school threat assessment is conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of trained professionals, including a school mental health professional, administrators and school resource officer or local law enforcement. Read more.


Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a way to help people with a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties. Psychotherapy can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms so a person can function better and can increase well-being and healing. Read more.


A major aspect of the treatment process for mental health disorder. Medications help to treat the symptoms of mental health disorders which makes it easier for individuals to focus on the therapeutic aspects of treatment. Read more.