The benefits of

Medication Management

Problems with mental health can affect every aspect of daily living, and our aim at CCS is to ensure that the treatment plan addresses those same areas. Often times, medications are a necessary component to treatment, and can aide in decreasing symptoms, making it easier for individuals to focus on the therapeutic aspects of treatment. Our providers ensure that if needed, these medications are introduced properly and are understood fully by the patient.

At CCS, our philosophy is to use the least amount of medicine possible. Before medications are prescribed, a medical work up will be evaluated. This includes orders such as the review of physical examinations or medical progress notes, blood testing, and imaging studies. Once medications are deemed necessary and in the persons best interest, the advantages and disadvantages of treatment options will be discussed with the patients, including the discussion of no treatment at all. If the patient’s wishes coincide with the professional recommendations, treatments will then be prescribed. Above everything else, CCS professionals value and strive to maintain the safety of and respect for individual’s choices.

Medical Management

What you can take away:


Benefit 1: Correct problem physiological issues like insomnia, lack of concentration, poor energy, disrupted appetite or weight issues


Benefit 2: Resolve issues of sadness, poor self esteem and suicidal thoughts

Benefit 3: Decrease anxiety
Benefit 4: Deal with addictions and substance misuse and manage cravings and withdrawal