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Thank you for visiting the IMHPAC Webpage. The idea for this page arose in 2009 out of the need to have a repository for the valuable public documents that are produced by this organization. This group was formed as a direct response to the federal mandate as a contingency to Block Grant dollars. The Federal Government distributes approximately one billion dollars a year among the states. This organization oversees the 16+ million dollars that the State of Illinois receives per year. Additionally, IMHPAC has the charge of reviewing the State Mental Health Plan as established by the Department for Health and Family Services, Division of Mental Health. We sincerely hope you find this information valuable and helpful in your own journey through the complex world of public mental health.

Daniel B. Martinez, M.D.
Co-Chair, Planning Committee, 2007-2010

To access IMHPAC documents, please follow the links below:

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