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Welcome to Comprehensive Clinical Services. At Comprehensive Clinical Services, we treat children, adolescent, as well as adults. Our staff members are specialized in treating conditions that appear throughout the age spectrum. Some of the most common disorders include:

Childhood Disorders: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disorders, Autism, Conduct Disorders, Separation Anxiety Disorder, Communication Disorders

Anxiety: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Posttaumatic Stress Disorder, Social Phobia

Psychosis: Schizophrenia, Delusional Disorder

Addictions: Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Pathological Gambling, Court order for driving under the influence

OUR MISSION is to empower society by helping individuals, of all ages, attain their fullest potential through their individual expression of well-being. We seek to fulfill our mission by taking into consideration the medical, psychological, sociological, cultural, and spiritual aspects of the person/patient. We want to instill hope in every patient by providing comprehensive mental health assessments and various support services. Also, by using a strength-based model, the patient is supported towards healing, recovery, and a fuller existence.

OUR VISION is to build a service environment that promotes safety, openness, warmth, and peace. Through a calming and inviting space and a competent, respectful, and sensitive staff, the mission of empowerment will be fostered. Our task is to deliver a service line that encompasses the needs for attaining mental health and well-being. Our philosophy follows a comprehensive assessment free of preconceived agendas followed by concrete recommendations. At CCS we believe there are five aspects of the individual that need to be assessed:

BIOLOGICAL: A board certified psychiatrist will consider all physical and chemical conditions that may cause or contribute to the individual’s illness. Using medication and physical treatments, the physician seeks to help the individual restore mind and body well-being.

PSYCHOLOGICAL: A licensed psychotherapist works to help the individual better understand how a person thinks and feels about himself/herself. Once clients understand their feelings and thoughts, they are encouraged to change their behaviors and attitudes.

SOCIOLOGICAL: A mental health professional must also help individuals evaluate and make necessary changes in the environment that will promote inner peace and well-being. Since human beings are social by nature, their relationships will influence their inner life and mental health.

CULTURAL: The areas where we live, the ethnic groups that we come from, and the level of education we achieve, all influence our thoughts about ourselves and the world we live in. For this reason, exploring backgrounds, identities, and disabilities are essential for all individuals seeking greater self-awareness and an improved existence.

SPIRITUAL: At CCS, discovering a person’s values and belief systems is often instrumental in achieving sound mental health. The mental health professionals at CCS will encourage and assist individuals to further develop the sense of self and purpose in life.

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