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CCS Testimonials

“I would like to let Dr. Martinez know that my son has been off medication since July 2012. Since we took him off, he has been doing very well at school and at home. There are no more serious behavioral issues. We mention Dr. Martinez’s name often we we talk about good psychiatrists with other parents.” –  T.M.

“Dr. Martinez and his staff have been great. We have seen great results since we started seeing him.” -Parents of L.B.

“Thanks for your help. The medicine really worked…My principal is nominating me for The Most Improved Student.” -Leo P.

“We’re very thankful for Dr. Martinez’s guidance and the discipline tips he has provided to help us with our children. We have seen the difference and we’re glad we asked him for help.” -The Sanchez Family

“I have had five nervous breakdowns, back to back.  The cause was that I stopped taking my medications for eight months straight!  When the doctor would test my blood, I would take the medicine three days in a row before the test so that it would show that I was taking it.  I swore I could fool Dr. Martinez, yet I was fooling myself.  You should have seen what I endured during those breakdowns – police, paramedics, ambulances.  I feel so horrible about it.  Thank the good Lord that they are all now aware of my illness and take great care of me.  This is the reason I can’t leave Chicago.  I fear that I could get seriously hurt if the police did not know me.  Actually, when I get like that, I am harmless.  I would never hurt anyone around me!  And my children know this too.
When I take my medicine, I love life.  I wake up to anything and everything the Lord has planned for me.  I go to Mass every Sunday.  I take my children to their doctor’s appointment.  I take my dog to the vet.  I clean the house.  I go by my friends.  I help out.  I do groceries and laundry.  I love it.  I love getting up early and being on the go all the time.  It keeps my mind busy, instead of worrying about the war or the recession that we are in!  My kids can vow that I am the best mom in the world.  I don’t hesitate to run to their rescue, no matter what it is!
My children are my life and as long as they are okay, I’m okay.  I raised them very Catholic and they know not to do anything bad in this society.  When I feel they are about to do something bad, I straighten them out a little bit.  Then, they know better.  God Bless America!!!” -E.H.

“Our family came to see Dr. Martinez because our young daughter was suffering from extremely high levels of anxiety. Dr. Martinez took time to understand our daughter’s specific symptoms before recommending a course of treatment.
We, as parents, were very concerned about starting our daughter on medication but Dr. Martinez spent time with us until we were comfortable with the treatment plan. He took away the fear of the medicine and helped us realize that we were being responsible parents by giving our daughter access to this helpful tool.
I am happy to say that we have a different child today. Our daughter’s anxiety has been greatly reduced and we are thrilled to see her thriving at home, at school, and with friends. The medicine Dr. Martinez prescribed has been nothing short of miraculous in our eyes and we are very greatful for Dr. Martinez’s wisdom and compassion. We would recommend his services to anyone.” -D.S.

“Dr. Martinez has a lovely practice. I truly respect all of the wonderful work he is doing and the services he provides!” -B.M

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