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Medical Student Rotation


Thank you for considering CCS as your site for your psychiatry rotation.  I have been training medical students for fifteen years, starting with Loyola medical students, then Northwestern and UIC medical students.  For over three years, I have had medical students from foreign medical schools participate in my clerkship.  My hope is to provide students with not only a quality educational experience but also an opportunity for self-discovery as you move into the final stages of your medical education and then choose among the various career paths that will become available to you.

I presently serve as Clinical Associate Professor  of the Departments of Psychiatry at the University of IL at Chicago Medical Center.  You will be exposed to administrative medicine and to working with indigent populations through my roles as Medical Director for two Chicago community mental health agencies.  You will also experience working with well insured individuals through CCS, my private practice.

Finally, my hope is to instill in you the important duty of responsible citizenship.  Because of your medical training, you will have the important role of being a physician in whichever community you live.  Through my involvement in the IL Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council and my role as Chair of the Child and Adolescent Committee for the IL Psychiatry Society, I work to influence proper use of public funds by informing IL Legislature and national movements towards an improved and healthier society.

To begin your rotation with us, please give us a call so that we can help you establish your individualized clerkship.  Again, thank you for considering and choosing us as your site.  We look forward to your time with us.

Daniel B. Martinez, M.D.
President, CCS


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Meet Our Alumni

Sunil, Cheryl and Hemal Shawn Alam is a medical student from Xavier University

I am pleased to reflect on my most recent scholastic experience during my clerkship with Dr. Martinez.
I didn’t expect my psychiatry rotation to be so exciting, thanks to Dr.  Martinez my clerkship was a wonderful experience.  Dr. Martinez has an excellent knowledge of the field both in adult and child psychiatry and keeps it exciting for himself and his students.  I was fortunate to attend 4 different locations and experience the various aspects of psychiatric disorders of adult, and of childhood.  I also witnessed Telepsychiatry which I found to be one of the most amazing tools, as it gives an opportunity to those who doesn’t have easy access to psychiatric care; it’s a form of video conferencing that allows for interaction between patient and psychiatrist. I learned the basic diagnostic categories as documented in DSM IV, Psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, managing patients under stress and an excellent understating of outpatient management.   I was able to learn the different aspects of business in the medical field along with confidentiality setting in all the offices that I attended.
What I liked most about this clerkship was that we came across patients from different settings, we were trained in regards to the patient encounter and what to expect thereafter.  Dr. Martinez gives you a summary of the patient so you get an idea of what the overall picture is.  Not only that, but he will allow you to interact with the patient one on one at times so you can get a feel of the real experience, gives you an insight into the subject matter and boosts your confidence in dealing with variety of patients.  Differential diagnoses were discussed along with treatment options that were available.  We were regularly encouraged to bring about questions and topics which we could discuss at any time of the day.

Psychiatry was not one of my fields of interest earlier, now that I am done with psychiatry rotations, it has opened up options for me and am looking forward to future clinical setting especially in child psychiatry where I’d be more interested to work in.

Thank you Dr. Martinez for all your support, advice and above all for being a great mentor.


The psychiatry rotation with Dr. Martinez was very educative and insightful with a variety of patients that we got to see with him. We almost saw a patient with every kind of psychiatric illness mentioned in our syllabus and the ones the board tests us on USMLE. The best part was that Dr. Martinez actually sat down and discussed with us every question that was put to him by every student in detail, going through the psychiatric illness and its differential which gave us a complete idea of entire category the illness falls into and its treatment. He explained to us the dosings and side effects of every single psychiatric medication used in regular clinical settings and the ones in the literature. We learned lots of interviewing techniques and interpersonal skills from him. He was kind enough to let us hang out with him wherever he went, no matter if it was a clinical setting or a business dealing or community settings related to the field of psychiatry. In short we got a all round knowledge of psychiatry as a subject and as a physician how we should be practical and logical in dealings with all issues of health care .

Thank you Dr. Martinez
K. Joshi.


I have witnessed myself many times where a physician does not act or look too concerned regarding my visit and this usually makes me feel uncomfortable and awkward in his/her office. I have also noticed at times that they rush through the visit and this as well makes me feel that my visit is not important to them. As a medical student, I believe I have and will benefit from this experience as I can learn to improve and build on issues of concern in the future as a practicing physician. I can help ease a patient’s emotional uncomfort by falling back on my own experiences as a patient and guide myself to improve the environment of my patients in the near future.
Ikinder G.


Now that I have completed my rotation at Pilsen Community Mental Health Center, I can definitely state that it has been a rewarding experience. Since I am not from Chicago, I think that my time interacting with the community has been limited. Life as a resident involves a lot of work, and I would basically go to work in the morning and leave in the afternoon with little interaction with the people in the community in which I worked. Therefore, before I left Chicago, I wanted to get a chance to have a better understanding of the community that my patients lived in, the social stresses that they face in this community, and how it impacts their mental illness. I think that this rotation has far exceeded my expectations. First, it afforded me the opportunity to see what type of consideration the cultural identity of the patients and use this in terms of tailoring programs that would be more inviting and acceptable to the patients that they serve. I was particularly fortunate to be able to get involved with trying to establish a relationship with the Latino Youth High School. It gave me the opportunity to see what problems are affecting the youth in the community. My research for my grand rounds opened my eyes to how much violence that these children are being exposed to. I was able to see how the high school has found innovative ways to try to combat these problems. This experience has definitely renewed my interest in the importance of community involvement. I know that whatever career choice I make I will definitely make time to get involved and give back to the community.
Denise M.


I am leaving Chicago and reflecting on my training and all the people that helped me along the way. Be sure to know that you are one of the most significant of those people. Your patience, mentorship, moral standard, and administration ability set a standard that I will continue to strive for through my entire career. Thank you so much for these gifts. The best of luck in all you do. Please stay in touch and I will do the same.
Karl M.


Working with Dr. Martinez was an honor and a pleasure of mine. Because of his professionalism combined with amazing teaching tactics, Dr. Martinez has opened my eyes to a future in psychiatry. Thank you Dr. Martinez for the opportunity to spend time with you and your wonderful staff.
Bulland Z.  – 7/23/12


I had a great experience during my rotation at CCS. The staffs were very helpful and Dr Martinez is an excellent teacher. I would certainly be glad to return to CCS for my elective rotation in Psychiatry. Again, thank you Dr. Martinez for an awesome rotation in Psychiatry.
Josue L. – 8/12/12


Working with Dr Martinez in my Psychiatry rotation was such a great beauty and success. All the staff was nice and very helpful. Also Dr Martinez creates a very peaceful working environment for his staff, students and patients. All his patients are speak highly of him and want to come back. So are different students that work with him. And this is because he provides us with quality medical education by ensuring perfect patient interaction. Also we have the option in working at two other clinics, one in Berwyn and the other in Desplaines observing telepsychiatry with patients in the Lutheran Services Institute. At the end of the rotation we had the option of presenting a power point lecture in which he gave us quality feedback information. Before doing this rotation I wasn’t planning on specializing in this field but I am gradually leaning on this speciality after finishing. I enjoyed this rotation that I came almost everyday because I really enjoyed being there. I would gladly recommend this rotation to other students.
Daniel T. – 9/27/12


I would like to thank Dr. Martinez and his wonderful staff, for a great rotation experience. It was a pleasure as a student to work along Dr. Martinez. He truly loves what he does and always has time to teach his students with respect and encouragement. I would definitely choose to do another rotation with CCS. I look forward in hearing/reading about CCS future endeavors. Keep up the great work!
Jan M. – 1/13/13


I appreciate the opportunity to learn and observe and your trust in us to interact with your patients. You have also been an excellent motivator and mentor to me by providing sound practice – building tips. My perception of psychiatry has changed drastically. Honestly, prior to this rotation, psychiatry was my dead last choice! Now, I would certainly consider it. I know my impression of you as a person, and not only as a physician, has a lot to do with that. All the best Doc.
Elroy D. – 12/5/13


Dr. Martinez, I have successfully completed my six weeks of core rotations at your CSS clinic and I just want to thank you for providing me with the most extraordinary guidance and knowledge in the field of Psychiatry. It was an extremely pleasurable and highly inspirational experience. I have been significantly drawn to this specialty due to my time spent at your clinic and working under your supervision. You have taught me a wide variety of things, especially how to efficiently approach patient care. Your staff is filled with a great team of energetic, loving and focused future leaders and I’ve learned so much from them as well. I am highly grateful to you for investing so much of your time and effort in ensuring that your students received the best hands on education in this field. I look forward to you being my mentor in the future as I struggle through my path of medicine. I recall a quote which suits you best Sir, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin. Thank you for a memorable experience.
Mohammad A. – 3/30/14



I had the pleasure of completing a 6 week psychiatry core rotation last summer 2014. The curriculum compromised attending clinic (including subspecialties such as adult and pediatric/adolescent mental health), partaking in academic seminars, giving case presentations, etc. I had the opportunity to shadow various physicians and observe preceptors interact with patients. Alongside, I got to practice a focused MMSE & related H&P. Students also have the option to participate in scientific research projects on availability.

The CCS team members were very encouraging, helpful and accommodating to students. I greatly enjoyed this rotation.It taught me to value the topic of mental health and the impact that some of the psyche related conditions may have on a person’s daily living habits and quality of life.

I would definitely encourage medical students to complete an observership or rotation here. You will not regret it.

Norine A -7/8/2015


I have just completed my 6 week core rotation at CCS, and I couldn’t have had a more enjoyable and educational experience. Dr. Martinez, Dr. Khatar, and Dr. Safdar were all very warm, encouraging, and nurturing preceptors who I was lucky to be able to work with. Not only the physicians, but the extremely vibrant support staff (I’m talking about you Sandra!) are amazing and very helpful. 10/10, highly recommend.
The entire staff at CCS has my best wishes and heartfelt gratitude. Thank-you.

Jasjit M.- 7/16/2015


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