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Comprehensive Clinical Services (CCS)

Comprehensive Clinical Services provides the most reliable services to help the people in need. We have a large selection of services our medical center provides for all patient types. Our mission is to heal your symptoms and help you take a better path for your health being.

Psychiatric Evaluation (CCS)
A medical doctor specializing in psychiatry considers all physical and chemical conditions that may cause or contribute to an individual’s illness. Additionally, this physician will assess emotional and social factors, such as: attitudes, work, school, family, habits and beliefs. This is done by interviewing the identified patient and loved ones, or any others where permission is obtained. Records from other treating physicians, school, empolyers, etc., may be very helpful in understaning the case. The psychiatrist will consider medical, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual needs in order to establish treatment recommendations. The psychiatrist discusses treatments options with the patient and works to empower the patient to make decisions about treatment.

Medication Management (CCS)
At CCS, our philosophy is to use the least amount of medicine possible. Before medications are prescribed, a medical work up will be evaluated. This includes orders such as the review of physical examinations or medical progress notes, blood test, and imaging studies. Once medications are deemed necessary and in the persons best interest, the advantages and disadvantages of treatment options will be discussed with the patients, including the discussion of no treatment at all. If the patient’s wishes coincide with the professional recommendations treatments will then be prescribed. Above everything else, CCS professionals safety and respect for individual choice is the goal.

Individual Psychotherapy (CCS)
A mental health professional, such as psychologists, a social workers, or a professional counselors work with individuals towards further individual growth and development. This can be achieved through various therapeutic modalities and schools of thought. At CCS, our professionals specializing in psychotherapy have training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Supportive Psychotherapy, Adelrian Psychology, Gestalt Psychotherapy, and Insight Oriented Psychotherapy. All human beings have potential for further development. CCS staff work with individuals of all levels of functioning to strive for higher ground and “A Fuller Existence.”

Marital Therapy (CCS)
Relationships are often times at the core of individual satisfaction with life. However, they are often times difficult manage. With individual nuances, personalities and temperaments affecting our relationships, it is fair to say that most of us feel challanged by our individual relationships. Couples therapy focuses on improving communication, respect, conflict mediation, and conflict resolution. Other topics may include, changing habits, managing finances, short and long term goals, prioritization and compromise.

Family Therapy (CCS)
All parents wish to raise healthy, happy, and productive children. Finding the balance in creating trust, initiative and autonomy, and identity in our children is not easy. At CCS, we work with families on improving communication, discipline, rules, roles, responsibility, rewards, consequences. We work parents to review and optimize parenting techniques. The family dynamics are explored and openly discussed to create greater unity and less resistance.

School Consultation (CCS)
CCS professionals have years of experiencing in working with schools to address issues such as, mental health awareness, safety, and bullying. CCS has worked with schools in refining policies and procedures as well as performing individual assessment to targeted students. Trainings on various topics such as childhood development, mental health issues, parenting, and managing ADHD in the classroom have been delivered at various school districts throughout the metro Chicago area to different groups of students, parents and school staff.

Occupational Psychiatry (CCS)
The number and complexity of psychiatric conditions at the workplace have a significant impact on employers and benefit-management organizations. Occupational psychiatrists help employers and organizations manage such impact efficiently and keep it from overwhelming their financial and human resources.

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