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Dr. Martinez’s Chicago Tribune Telepsychiatry Article

Tribune Article Pic 2Dr. Martinez was recently featured in a Chicago Tribune article titled “Telepsychiatry delivers help to far-flung patients.” Telepsychiatry, which connects psychiatrists and patients through video/audio conferencing equipment, has been used for years to treat military veterans, prisoners, the deaf and patients in rural areas where psychiatrists are scarce. The use of telepsychiatry has been increasing in popularity over the years in order to treat other underserved populations and as a way to reduce medical costs. Proposed Illinois legislation aimed at mandating coverage for telepsychiatry services by private insurers promises to increase its use. Private companies, nonprofits, primary care physicians and psychiatrists offer telepsychiatry. Dr. Martinez has been utilizing telepsychiatry for over ten years at Lutheran Social Services of Illinois. To read more about the article, click here.

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