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The NIMH Withdraws Support for DSM V

DSM5aThe National Institute of Mental Health withdrew its support of the upcoming DSM V manual claiming that the manual lacks validity because its diagnoses are largely based on consensus of clinical symptoms rather than on empirical evidence. Critics of the DSM manuals state that very little systematic research was carried out to support their content and that the research that was utilized was scattered and ambiguous at best. At the other extreme is the NIMH position that all mental disorders are biological disorders involving brain circuits which are linked to specific domains of behavior, cognition and emotion. The NIMH states that only by mapping the cognitive, circuit and genetic aspects of these disorders can researchers hope to attain new and better treatments. The NIMH was a major supporter of the DSM manuals, but now with its withdrawal of support, the future of DSM’s authority is uncertain. To read more, click here.

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