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Support For HB 5290: Bullying Prevention bill

Children photo Courtesy of Microsoft MediaWe would like to share this news shared with us by Meryl Camin Sosa, Esq., Executive Director, of the Illinois Psychiatric Society.

The Illinois HB 5290 – Bullying Prevention bill is a step toward improving public policy on bullying.

It is very important to continue improving Illinois’ policies on bullying.  Too many children are bullied and end up in in-patient units and therapeutic schools throughout Illinois (as well as nationally).  Even though this bill is not as extensive as it could be, it represents an incremental step.  Hopefully, next year, the bill can extend protection to children’s home computers similar to the bill that passed over a year ago in Massachusetts.

The note below includes instructions explaining how you can file a slip in support of the bill right from your computer!


This week HB 5290 – Bullying Prevention Policy – was amended and refiled to streamline the language  (it is now referred to as HB5290 (HA#4)).  It’s fundamental strengths have remained consistent throughout.  They are to:

(1) add physical appearance, socioeconomic status, academic status, pregnancy/parenting status, and homlessness to the list of traits targeted most often for bullying and
(2) define policy on bullying to guide schools to implement their ALREADY REQUIRED bullying policies.

If passed, HB 5290 will significantly improve Illinois’ bullying law.

As soon as possible, please have your organization, school, etc. slip in support of HB 5290.

The following process is easy and takes 3 minutes:

1. Click on this link:

2. Scroll down to HB 5290 (HFA 4) – SCH CD-BULLYING POLICY (they’re in numerical order).

3. Click on ‘create slip.’

4. Complete the form, being sure to enter the organization/entity on behalf of which you’re expressing support and click on “record of appearance only” (unless you are in Springfield and plan to give oral testimony or plan to file written testimony).

Additional Way to Support HB 5290

If you are able, it would be helpful if you would reach out to members of the House Education Committee between now and tomorrow’s committee meeting to let them know that they should support HB 5290.

All of the Ed Ctte members are listed below, along with their Springfield contact numbers. With limited time, we are targeting those members listed first but please call as many people as you have time.  Of course, if one of the Representatives is your own, please call that person, too.  Do not call Chapa LaVia, Yarbrough, or Davis as they are sponsors already.

I am available at any time at (312) 804-4824 to answer questions, concerns, comments, etc.  Thanks so much for your great help!
Illinois House Education Committee Members and Phone Numbers

Member: Darlene J. Senger R: (217) 782-6507

Republican Spokesperson :

Jerry L. Mitchell  R: (217) 782-0535

Member:Rita Mayfield D : (847) 599-2800

Member:Sandra M. Pihos R: (217) 782-8037

Member:Bill Mitchell R: (217) 782-8163

Member:Donald L. Moffitt R: (217) 782-8032

Member:Robert W. Pritchard R: (217) 782-0425

Vice-Chairperson :Fred Crespo D: (217) 782-0347

Member:Lisa M. Dugan D: (217) 782-5981

Member:Thomas Morrison R: (217) 782-8026

Member:Pam Roth R: (217) 782-5997

Member:John D. Cavaletto R: (217) 782-0066

Member:David Reis R: (217) 782-2087

Member:Marlow H. Colvin  D: (217) 782-8272

Member:Kenneth Dunkin D: (217) 782-4535 ll

Member:Keith Farnham D: (217) 782-8020

Member:Esther Golar D: (217) 782-5971

Member:Camille Y Lilly D: (217) 782-6400

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